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AMW 2016
Panama City-Panama
6-10 June, 2016

Program Schedule:

Elena Botoeva, Diego Calvanese, Benjamin Cogrel, Martin Rezk and Guohui Xiao:
OBDA Over Non-Relational Databases

Benny Kimelfeld, Ester Livshits and Liat Peterfreund:
Recognizing Determinism in Prioritized Repairing of Inconsistent Databases

Simon Razniewski, Ognjen Savkovic and Werner Nutt:
Turning The Partial-closed World Assumption Upside Down

Alexander Keller and Jaroslaw Szlichta:
Ontology Functional Dependencies

Nhung Ngo and Enrico Franconi:
Unique Solutions in Data Exchange under sts Mappings

Pablo Barcel, Georg Gottlob and Andreas Pieris:
Semantic Acyclicity Under Constraints    

Adrian Onet:
Inference-based semantics in Data Exchange 


Nhung Ngo, Magdalena Ortiz and Mantas Simkus:
Closed Predicates in Description Logics: Results on Combined Complexity

Lorena Etcheverry and Alejandro A. Vaisman:
Querying Semantic Web Data Cubes

Axel Polleres, Juan Reutter and Egor Kostylev:
Nested Constructs vs. Sub-Selects in SPARQL

Renzo Angles and Claudio Gutierrez:
Negation in SPARQL

Miguel Ceriani and Alejandro A. Vaisman:
An RDF Vocabulary for Meta-Programming with SPARQL Algebra

Claudio Gutierrez, Daniel Hernandez, Aidan Hogan and Axel Polleres:
Certain Answers in SPARQL?

Markus Kroll, Reinhard Pichler and Sebastian Skritek:
On the Complexity of Enumerating the Answers to Well-Designed Pattern Trees    

Vadim Savenkov, Albin Ahmeti, Javier D. Fernandez and Axel Polleres:
Towards Updating Wikipedia via DBpedia Mappings and SPARQL

Carlo Zaniolo, Mohan Yang, Ariyam Das and Matteo Interlandi:
The Magic of Pushing Extrema into Recursion: Simple and Powerful Datalog Programs

Marcelo Arenas, Georg Gottlob and Andreas Pieris:
A Datalog-Based Language for Querying RDF Graphs

Leopoldo Bertossi, Andrea Calì and Mostafa Milani:
Query Answering on Expressive Datalog+/- Ontologies

Shqiponja Ahmetaj, Magdalena Ortiz and Mantas Simkus:
Polynomial Datalog Rewritings for Ontology Mediated Queries with Closed Predicates
Tim Furche, Georg Gottlob, Bernd Neumayr and Emanuel Sallinger:
Data Wrangling for Big Data: Towards a Lingua Franca for Data Wrangling
Jose Picado, Arash Termehchy and Alan Fern:
Schema Independent Relational Learning

Sebastian Ferrada, Benjamin Bustos and Aidan Hogan:
IMGpedia: Enriching the Web of Data with Image Content Analysis

Domenico Sacca', Edoardo Serra and Antonio Piccolo:
Multi-Sorted Inverse Frequent Itemsets Mining: On-Going Research

Jazmine Maldonado, Jheser Guzman and Barbara Poblete:
Detecting and Measuring the Impact of Earthquakes using Social Sensors
Priscilla Vieira, Ana Carolina Salgado and Bernadette Farias L:
A Query-driven and Incremental Process for Entity Resolution

Diego Pessoa, Ana Carolina Salgado and Bernadette Farias L:
Towards a Multi-Layer Architecture for Combination of Schema Matchers

Yadira Robles Aranda, Yudelkis Abad Fuentes and Yanet Parra Infante:
Integration of the To-Prior Data Mining Algorithm to PostgreSQL

Filip Murlak and Grzegorz Ziel’nski:
Vertically acyclic conjunctive queries over trees

Pablo Barcel— and Miguel Romero Orth:
Overapproximations of conjunctive queries

Ben Mccamish, Arash Termehchy, Behrouz Touri and Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez:
A Signaling Game Approach to Databases Querying  

Julian Araoz and Cristina Zoltan:
Counting Triangles in Parallel - An Application of Pipelining

Edelmira Pasarella, Maria-Esther Vidal and Cristina Zoltan MapReduce vs. Pipelining:
Counting Triangles

Carlos Ordonez and Yiqun Zhang:
Time Complexity and Parallel Speedup to Compute the Gamma Summarization Matrix

Yudisney Vazquez Ort’z, Lisleydi Mier Pierre and Anthony R. Sotolongo Le—n:
Semi-structured Data Management in PostgreSQL: Competing with MongoDB's performance

AndrŽ Frochaux and Nicole Schweikardt:
Monadic Datalog Containment on Trees Using the Descendant-Axis

Nofar Carmeli, Batya Kenig and Benny Kimelfeld:
On the Enumeration of Tree Decompositions

Alexandra Martinez, Rodrigo Mora, Daniel Alvarado, Gustavo L—pez and Steve Quir—s:
A Comparison between a Relational Database Base and a Graph Database in the context of a  Personalized Cancer Treatment Application

Nikolay Yakovets, Parke Godfrey and Jarek Gryz:
Query Planning for Evaluating SPARQL Property Paths

Zahid Abul-Basher, Parke Godfrey and Mark Chignell SwarmGuide:
Towards Multiple-Query Optimization in Graph Databases

Alexander Campos, Jorge Mozzino and Alejandro A. Vaisman:
Towards Temporal Graph Databases

Wellington Cabrera and Carlos Ordonez:
Unified algorithm to solve several graphs problems with relational queries

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